Review of the film

The Harbinger Decoded 2013

By Larry White
September 10, 2014

I take the points in the movie in order and give a comment to each one.

The planned demolition of the three (3) WTC buildings were not a sign from God. They were a sign from the International Zionist Cabal that they are in control now and will wage war on any who oppose them. And so you see one little country fall after another and a world bank set up in each one.

Real Old Testament prophets did not speak in secret or act like Mossad agents handing out clues to decipher. 9/11 was an orchestrated operation by the US government and the Israeli Mossad working for the elite shadow world cabal as a second Pearl Harbor to usher in the Jewish Zionist agenda of turning the US into a police state and using the US military to conquer the Arab nations first and all who oppose them, kill and decimate all of Africa, erase white Western national borders, subjugate them by destroying their economies and their food sources including the Pacific Ocean and enslave the entire world under absolute tyranny.

Every terrorist is not linked to Assyrians (show me an Assyrian), but rather linked to Israel and the Jewish run CIA. The Israeli US is the only source of terrorism today. Iraq is not ancient Assyria, that's just stupid. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and there were no WMD's in their country.

Cahn is a lying Jewish false prophet. His own people are the ones who perpetrated 9/11. The fact that two political figures of the US government quote Isaiah 9:10-11 should be seen as obviously scripted by the same people that did the demolition. It is one more spin that they are parading before the American people to show us how clever they think they are.

Fallen bricks are not a sign from God to the US nor were they to ancient apostate Israel, but they were dollars signs from the sky to Larry Silverstein the holder of the 2+ billion dollar insurance policy against "terrorism". Double indemnity because there were two buildings (actually three).

It is not an act of defiance against God to rebuild the towers. However, the only ones who are rebuilding are the Jewish owners who got their asbestos problem taken care of by the demolition.

The tree or rather Trees of Hope are pine trees. Although pines are conifers and cedars are conifers, the pine tree is not a cedar.

The stone placed in the basement of the new tower is obviously following a script with it's generic boast of defiance. But defiance of whom is not stated on the inscription. Certainly not God. The terrorists who attacked the US are not named and cannot be, for it is the US Government themselves controlled by International Jewry.

This is all a sham - a Jewish movie set for gullible consumption. This whole fictitious charade is predicated on the idea that this false flag operation of WTC buildings being demolished and blamed on Arabs is somehow, 12 to 14 years later, seen to be a judgement of God by bringing the Assyrians against us like apostate ancient Israel. Demolition of buildings by a cabal of Jews is not a judgement of God. That is not how God works any longer. He now works through Christ's church and individual Christians. It is Christians who now rule the nations with a rod of iron (Rev. 2:26-27). I suppose ISIS will now play the part of the brutal Assyrians. You can almost see the director following the script. Everyone knows that Obama is reading it.

The canceling of debts and the repossession of sold property every 7 years and the year of Jubilee in the Old Testament was not a judgement on anyone. That's really a stretch. The monetary crash of 2008 was anything but the canceling of debt, except for the 2.3 Trillion that Rumsfeld at the Pentagram supposedly mislaid. Poof!

After his oath of office on the balcony, Washington went back into the Federal Hall to the senate chambers and addressed the congress and there called upon "the benign Parent of the Human race" for his blessing on the nation. Then the whole congress went to St. Paul's Chapel for worship services where the Episcopal Bishop of New York preformed the service as usual from their common prayer book. Washington himself made no public prayer kneeling in the woods at ground zero like this film portrays him.

The word to Solomon about God's people turning and repenting does not apply to the United States. The US is not God's people. God's people are Christians who have already come to Christ. Christianity is now the only "nation" of God's and he has given them the Kingdom. It's a spiritual kingdom. He still rules among the nations but his own people are his faithful children in Christ.

The United States is not Israel - even though Israel thinks it is. They certainly own it. Cahn, or should I say Con, is an opportunist who takes 2700 year old prophesies and applies them to people living almost 3 millennia later in a country thousands of miles removed from those addressed and of whom Isaiah knew nothing. He thinks he can play the role of false prophet with impunity because God is on the side of those who call themselves Jews. Well, He's not.

A list of everything that was done on Washington's inauguration day: 


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