Sanctification: Thy Word is Truth

By Larry White
September 5, 2014

Truth in Greek is άληθεία [aletheia], it is of a reality, fact, certainty, things and circumstances as they really are. Verity.

God's word is the fabric of reality, its warp and woof. Of course that is a metaphor for the expression of God's will in relation to what is. Jesus said to the Father, "Thy word is truth." (Jno. 17:17) His word, logos, not just the ink forming the letters on a page - but rather, what those words say, the content of those words forming sentences and sayings, [Greek: rhema], that communicate the knowledge of his will. My definition of our word Truth, is that truth is an accurate description of reality and that reality, of course, being God's will. His will isn't law. His will is reality which is truth.

Aletheia is actually a negative lethes from where we get our word lethargic. It means inactivity from forgetfulness, therefore a stupor or dream that makes us not able to move or be active and effective. Aletheia is the opposite of that and therefore actual, true to fact, and real. Truth makes us awake and able to deal with reality as it is and be active. That's why Jesus said that it would make us free. (Jno. 8:32) Sin and deception is a form of control. Satan uses it all the time on Christians, just as the Zionists also have learned from their father to do the same by corrupting Western culture and morality in the United States. I have seen that some of the worst sinners among the churches and those who are blackballed and reviled most are sometimes those with the deepest understanding and knowledge who have hence erred in morality and become sidelined and ineffective. They have been neutralized by the Enemy through temporal desires and sin. And also through their so called, brethren, who will not restore them or forgive.

Christians are sanctified in the truth, in reality, because it sets us apart from the illusion and lies of the world and its lusts. We do not live in madness or fantasy. We live in the daylight of what really is and what is really happening. As Morpheus in the recent movie The Matrix said, "Welcome to the real world." It is only the Christian that truly wakes up.

For this reason Christ consecrated himself to a sacrificial death on the cross in order that he might be lifted up, far above all heavens so that he might fill all things as the foundation of reality, of truth, whereby we as God's children are set apart "in truth." (Jno. 17:18-19)

We walk in the light of truth and reality which takes courage, not in the darkness of illusion and lies which is relatively safe. However the step we take away from that darkness into the light is a humble honesty with a positive gladness of heart and a decision to love God in sincerity, abandoning our whole concern to his keeping in faithfulness, both his and ours.


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