The Evil Man's Problem

By Larry White
July 9, 2014

The foremost problem that evil men have is that they cannot be God. They are ultimately brought to the realization that they did not create themselves; they themselves were not in control of their beginning, and at the last they are not in control of their demise, their end. They, like every other man, are along for the ride, and what course we take on this journey determines our destination - the result of our lives. In the end we all have to come face to face with the Other, because we are not alone. There is a will, a nature, a circumstance that is larger than our own and is intrinsically related to what and who we are.

Eastern religions have sought to deny this fundamental relationship about our circumstances here on the Earth, by denying the nature of their own being. They have sought to remake their circumstances from the personal, moral and accountable universe that it is, into an impersonal, amoral and wholly mechanistic universe wherein they ultimately realize their dream of being god themselves. They deny the morally accountable personality of man by ignoring it, denying its significance and thus committing a kind of spiritual suicide into nothingness.

New age religions have bought into this philosophy by humanizing it and bringing back the morality (relativism) and personality, but still remaking God into themselves collectively and having little or no accountability. People will do everything they can to avoid the face of Jesus Christ because they do not want to submit to the moral authority of God.

Whole world empires are constructed in the sight of God in heaven in a futile effort to have it their own way. They want to be God and it is a nightmare to them that they fail to be or begin to realize that they cannot be.

Recently, over the last 150 years or so, these evil men have faced the truth about the existence and nature of God the creator and have sought to align themselves against him and his authority in a positive antipathy toward his moral authority. They have taken the position of Satan (the very word means adversary), and have embraced his open rebellion and love of power, believing they can mock God and circumvent his will.

You can see the smug arrogance and stupidity of these men by the behaviors and actions of the Bush family and their "Illuminati". They have come to think that they have it all figured out and are in ultimate control of their destinies and that their plans and desires will overrule the universe as it is. I believe that they are actually listening to demons and being persuaded and encouraged in this rebellion.

They have gone to great lengths in damaging the habitation God has provided for man on the Earth, by trying to destroy the Gulf of Mexico and now have succeeded in killing most of the life in the Pacific Ocean. They are trying to subjugate all of mankind under their rule, by cutting off the bread basket God has provided for us with their genetically modified produce and trying to corner the availability of seeds to grow our own. By killing the oceans of the world and editing the gene sequences of all the food grown in the world to fit their patents, they think they can gain control over God's earthly garden and thus control the people of the earth.

These mere men should be very fearful of the judgement awaiting them from God. What the Zionists need to know is that, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Heb. 10:31)


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