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Your website states that the ones listed are "conservative" congregations.  Can you please explain the difference between conservative and other congregations?

Thanks for the question,

   What I mean by "conservative" is that they take the scriptures as the only guide for what the congregation does as a body. Another way that I've seen it expressed by other Web sites is "Non-Institutional", meaning that the congregation doesn't use any other means to carry out the mission of the church but what the local congregation and its abilities can bring to the work.

    So, "conservative" is a congregation that preserves the character, organization, and mission of the church as the Apostles in the first century instructed and approved, and then teaches so, doing their best to put it into practice. They do not use any other organization, corporation, institution, or co-operative arrangement with other churches to augment or enhance the ability of the local body to do the work the Lord commanded them to do.

Hope this helps.
Larry White