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1. In Mk.16:16,  Jesus didn't say, "but he who does not believe and is not baptized will be condemned."  this is reading something into the passage that is not there. So why should baptism be essential for salvation? Answer
2.  Is there a recipe for wine? Also is there a way, when they speak of wine to determine if it is fermented or not, such as communion? Answer
3. Is it New Testament to Tithe?
4. Is there a specific bible passage that states God's views or condemnation of multiple marriages in the Old Testament including consequences for this act? Answer
5. If God knows the beginning and end, why didn't he create us all with him in the first place?  If he knew some of us were going to burn in Hell for all eternity then why did he stick us on earth and not create us in heaven with him in the first place? Answer
6. Doesn't Romans 4:4-5 mean a man is saved by faith only?
7. Is there a passage in the bible that recommends that a person study at home if he cannot find a church that he agrees with? Answer
8. Which passage does it say in the Bible thou shalt not lay down with a man as he does with a woman or something to that effect?  Answer
9. I admit that I am confused about Hebrews 6:4-6  but I believe in once saved always saved. If you do not believe in once saved always saved, how do you explain the verse that says I will never leave you nor forsake you? Answer
10. Speaking in tongues.  Are they real and still going on today?
11. Can you please explain the difference between conservative and other congregations? Answer
12. Why does anything exist?
13. If God created the Ten Commandments and said he is the same yesterday, today and forever, then why would he change the day of the Sabbath? Answer
14. Why is it that when I set out to prove the book of Mormon to be false, my research showed it to correlate with the bible? Have you read the book of Mormon or are you just trusting someone who says they know what it says?


15. What about women speaking in the church assemblies. Is that Ok?
16. Could you give me an explanation of the road to salvation that the Church of Christ believes in? Does it believe that baptism is a requirement for salvation or a requirement to become a member of the church? Answer
17. In reference to Matthew 26, When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter used a sword to cut off an ear. My questions: Why did Peter have a sword? Why was he carrying a sword? Did Jesus know he was carrying a sword? Answer
18. I was wondering if you might believe that Christ might have drank fermented wine. If so, why? Answer
19. Does the Church of Christ think they will be the only people in heaven? Will there be a Baptist or Methodist there? Answer
20. I have heard some discussion of how unleavened bread is made from wheat. Can you comment on this? Answer
21. Does the type of flour used [for unleavened bread] such as white or wheat matter? If so where in the Bible do I find it? Answer
22. Do you use musical instruments in your church?
23. I read that you do immerse, but do you baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost or in the Name of Jesus? Answer
24. Questions from a Baptist pastor named David Martin
25. I was wondering about the question that had to do with being saved by faith alone. I agree that faith has to be acted on, but where is the line drawn as to what saves us. Is it the faith that motivates us to act or the actions that are a result of our faith. In specific reference to baptism, let me know. Answer
26. Hebrews 6:4 -12 --Notice the group of people Paul talks about in all his letters, he always talks about 2 groups "we - us" and "theythem - those". So exactly who is he talking about falling away? Answer
27. Are you affiliated with the international churches of Christ? Also, how old does a child have to be in order to be baptized? Answer
28. I need some help with the scripture in Matthew 19:27 - 30. Will you please explain to me what and when you think this is talking about? The apostles sitting on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel? Answer
29. Why did God accept Abel's sacrifice and reject Cain's
30. Is it true that the Church of Christ  is making a stand against Israel?  If so, wouldn't that mean they're not Christians? Because Israel is Gods nation. Answer

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