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Why does anything exist?

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The reason for creation, in a word, is love, which is the nature of God. All of which he does and says is a manifestation of his nature and will be resolvable down to one motive and design, and one only, love.

Since love is or exists, then love must have an object to love. The Godhead, or deity, has always, as far as we are concerned, been three personalities: the Father, the Spirit and the Word, which three remain in the union of love.

But then God created. It seems that what God cannot create by fiat, is love. Love involves a choice. He cannot create his own nature ex-nihilo. He must create beings that have the capacity and potential to have his nature Ė the choice to love.

Love motivated the creating of freewill beings in Godís image. Itís a gift of life motivated by love, to share his eternal state of glory in love.

The only beings that can return that love have to have free will (including Man).

How does God then produce love from an agent of free will? He must present the choice. Of all the created beings on earth, which do the will of God, Man has the unique position of having the ability to choose not to do it. All the suffering and heartache that has been in the world is evidence of Manís choice not to do Godís will.

Loving God and doing his will results in life.

Sin, coming short of his glory, results in death.

However, in Godís loving will, he has not left man to die by his wrong choice and be lost. He has sent his word in the form of a man Ė his only begotten son, to die as a sacrifice in manís place. So eradicating sin, justifying and cleansing Manís conscience, God has given the offer of life to all those who choose to love, i.e. believe and obey his will.

This man, his son, was the first resurrected from the dead and hence the prototype of the New Creation of mankind to which, all have the opportunity to be a part through faith in him.

Upon Manís acceptance of Christís sacrifice, God reestablishes a relationship of communion with him in a renewed adoption as a son. God then gives Man his Holy Spirit and Jesus communicates his life of love and spiritual strength to effect the transformation of Man into the image of God again. The life thus established, assures the man a continued life beyond this world, and this life will be evident when after his stay in the world, he as Godís son is manifested and seen for what he really is in glory.

It was not in Godís will that any man of his creation die (be separated from him) but for existence to remain a reality, he had to give man the choice.

Satan is one of Godís creations who is not a man but has free will. Satan hates God and everything that is born of God or created by him. His destruction of menís souls is motivated by hatred of God.

The worship of oneís own will in rebellion against the creator is simply following Satan in his hatred of God; and so the choice presented to Man is evident.

God destroyed the earth at one time when all hope of anyone choosing love for him was gone. All had chosen Satanís way except for one Ė Noah. God must allow the choices of man to remain inviolate and to let the consequences of those choices be real and be experienced. But God is good Ė and will even take the bad choices man makes and work them toward his ultimate purpose of love in saving some.

God created Satan. It is evident that he has free will because heís in rebellion to God and his love. There is no truth in him since he has refused to live in the reality of love. Therefore there is a moral war going on. The field of that battle is the earth and the moral outcome of the war is:

Love of God = life,       Hatred of God = death.

The conflict practically speaking is on the level of manís flesh, i.e. the complacent love of the self and its gratification. Satan wants us to love ourselves and gratify ourselves in rebellion against God (which is what he is doing) and the vehicle is the flesh.

God wants us to love (love him and each other), which necessitates a denial of the fleshís desire to love the self. Love is self-sacrificing, so God has given us a limited self that we can sacrifice, viz. the flesh. To those who choose to sacrifice their selves, God has given a present time and real victory in giving life to their spirits in Christ, which enables them to live in communion with God and use their flesh as the vehicle of expressing that love of God and love of others.

In the earth, the sons of God are treated just like the Son of God was treated, and therefore they will also be glorified in heaven just as Jesus was glorified.

Hope this helps.
Larry White