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Hebrews 6:4 -12 --Notice the group of people Paul talks about in all his letters, he always talks about 2 groups "we - us" and "theythem - those". So exactly who is he talking about falling away? He says not we or us but "them" so that portion of scripture doesn't relate at all to the saved people there, but to another group who had heard and felt the power of God and turned from it and fellHow do you see this?

Thanks for the question.

First of all I don't think that the apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Hebrews. It is not his style or his way of argumentation. If I had to pick an author it would be Apollos who was mighty in the Old Covenant scriptures and rather harsh in his zeal.

If you read the context of the chapter from verse 1 through verse 12, he is using the bad example of some Christians to warn the Christians to which he is writing not to be like them. And since there is the possibility of becoming like them, he writes to them as a warning. Here is a brief breakdown of the main thoughts.

Verses 1-3  Let us be diligent to grow.

Verses 4-8  Because those who are not diligent fall away.

Verses 9-12  We are confident you are diligent - but make sure you are.

So the "they" - "them" and "those" serve as a warning to the "we" and "us".

"We" should not be like "them". Which means that "we" can become like "them", otherwise there would be no warning.

Therefore the warning must relate to anyone who is saved, having become a Christian. Make sure you grow and become mature in your faith because if you do not, then you could fall away and be lost. We have seen those that do fall away and it is near to impossible to bring them back to God. So don't you become like them.

That is how I see it. Hope it helps
Larry White