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Is it true that the Church of Christ  is making a stand against Israel?  If so, wouldn't that mean they're not Christians? Because Israel is Gods nation.

Thanks for the question.

The churches of Christ do not gather together like a denomination and decide what their doctrine is going to be. So there is no collective "stand" on any particular subject. What they all agree on in principle is that what they practice and teach must come from the scriptures.

Present day Israel is not God's nation. The Zionists who are now over in Palestine that think they will rule the world, are not even Israel. Israel as a nation ended when God destroyed them in the year AD 70.

They have no Covenant with God, Heb.8:9
They have no Temple or Priesthood. Heb. 7
They have no sacrifice. Heb. 13:10
They have no Messiah. Acts 7:52
They have no heritage or inheritance. None can prove of whom he is the son, so they have no lineage. They only every day, in the news, prove themselves the violent sons of the devil. Jno.8:44

There is DNA evidence now that shows that they are not even Semitic. They are Khazars. The Palestinian Arabs have more DNA linking them to Abraham than do the Ashkenazi Jews.

The Israel of God from the first century onwards are Christians, whether Jew or Gentile, who are even now in the Kingdom of God. Rom 2:28-29; Gal.6:16; Col.1:13
They are now the New man in Christ Jesus, with New life, from the New birth, and dwell in the New Jerusalem in the New heavens and the New earth. We worship God in spirit and in truth. God does not recognize any other worship. Jno.4:24 We partake of the Lord's Supper New with Jesus in his father's Kingdom. Mt.26:29

The Kingdom is spiritual.
The children of God are spiritual.
The New Heavens and the New Earth that have already come, are spiritual.
Those who are the chosen are those you have faith in Jesus Christ.
There will never be another born of Coniah sitting on a throne in Israel. Jer.22:24-30 So Jesus cannot ever be a king sitting on a physical throne in Palestine. The throne of David is in Heaven on which Jesus sat as King and it will never be on the earth. Acts 2:33-36

You must try to stop thinking carnally in the flesh and come to Christ who is the Spirit. 2Cor. 3:17. That is where Christians are. They do not recognize Zionists in present day Palestine as God's people, because God doesn't.
Hope this helps.
Larry White